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Do the electronics at home or the ones that are in your pocket give you trouble? Do you need your computer or laptop for work or a school project, but it’s not working properly? J & A Electronics is the company for you. Located in Mission, TX, we are able to perform an affordable electronic repair for your needs.

Remarkable Computer Repair Service in Mission, TX 78572

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For a Reliable Laptop, Computer, or Phone Repair Service, Contact Us at (956) 638-1711 Now!

What We Do

We provide a computer repair service that is affordable, to anyone in need. If you have a computer, you probably can afford to repair it. For those who have problems with their phones like battery-life, slow operation system, we also offer professional phone repair service, performed by specialists. Also, if you have problems with your audio system at home, for example, we can also fix that! We can perform an electronic repair whenever it’s necessary. Laptops are also our specialty, that’s why we can do a professional laptop repair service.

Hard Drive

Flawless Phone Repair Service in Mission, TX 78572

How We Do It

We are dedicated to what we do, and for every computer, phone or any other TV Repair service, we only use professional methods, tools, and equipment. Our customers are always happy, and they always reach us when they need us. Be one of them! It’s risky to do all the repairs on your own, that’s why reaching us is the right thing to do!

What are you still waiting for? Don’t waste any time! Contact J & A Electronics for a professional repair service in Mission, TX now! Our friendly representatives will also answer your questions if you have any.

J & A Electronics
Mission, TX 78572
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by Josh K. on J & A Electronics

I had problems with my laptop, and they did a great job repairing it! Thanks.

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